Thursday, March 24, 2022

Bunny Bow Embellishments

 Had seen these embellishments on a few YouTube videos so I went to and was able to find this die set there. Happy me it took about 2 weeks to get this die set into the craft room. Here is a photo of the die set:

This die set has three different bunny ear dies as well as the die set for the bow so it is economical as far as having options to use it. Here is one of the embellishments I made:

For all the embellishments I used the #110 weight white card stock from Mikes so that they are sturdy and the dies cut the card stock nicely on one pass through the die cutting machine.  For the pinks for the ears and feet, as well as the prints for the bows, I used scrap card stocks. Here is a photo of more of the Bunny Bow Embellishments:

To show how to assemble these embellishments I die cut the bunny head/ears piece from purple card stock and the feet are the Mikes white card stock and pink scraps:

The curve on the feet piece fits over the curve on the bunny head/ears piece and lines up for placement:

Once these are adhered together you place your bow over the white part above the feet and you have your completed embellishment:

Very easy embellishment to put together and another good use of scraps.... This die is available in both small and large and I bought the large set and from the bottom of the bunny toes to the top of the ears it measures 3 1/2" high by 2 3/4" wide approx.  Another cute bunny project for upcoming Easter treat holders and projects.

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