Monday, August 8, 2022

Baby Wipe Technique Thanksgiving Cards

Dug out an old stamp set with a two part leaf stamp -- the full leaf stamp and the second stamp has the leaf veining only on it. I used an unscented baby wipe with a dark yellow, a rust, and a pumpkin coloured re-inker for the inks. For the card stock bases to the cards I used whatever bases I already had cut and scored in the extras basket so not all cards have the same colour card stock base. Here are two of the cards I made:

To begin with I folded the baby wipe and added the re-inkers to that and let that sit while I got out all the other card parts I would need for the cards. With all the card stock bases already cut and scored the only cutting I had to do was the cream card stock fronts of the cards and any other pieces I would use for the card fronts as well as a cream card stock piece for the inside of the cards. . 

For the card fronts I stamped the solid leaf stamp three times turning it as I stamped it. With the card fronts stamped I then stamped the pieces for the inside of the cards stamping one leaf in the lower corner of each piece. With all the leaves stamped I cleaned off the stamp.

Using gold Delicata ink I stamped the leaf stamp with the veining over the solid leaf image to add some sparkle and shine to the leaves. I did this free hand as it is a cling stamp set and I did not want it to be "perfect" but more random. Here is the stamped card front showing this sparkle on the leaves:

I also stamped the veining stamp on the leaves for the inside of the cards:

In this photo I turned the stamped leaf card inside pieces so that some of the insides with have the leaves at the bottom of the cards and others will have the leaves at the top of the cards - both give me plenty of room for my inside stamp to fit. 

Here is one of the cards:

Added sequins to the card fronts using Glossy Accents. IRL you see the sparkle of the sequins as well as the gold ink over the stamped leaves. Happy to use more of the stash card stocks and card bases for these holiday cards. Easy technique to use to add Fall colours to the card. 

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Bonnie said...

Beautiful leaves, Candee! I'm looking forward to Fall!