Sunday, August 21, 2022

KS Craft Ghost/Pumpkin Shaker

 Used this die set I just bought from KS Crafts:

I have made shaker projects in the past but was never happy with having to use the craft foam from the craft stores to make the shakers. Once the foam is cut it can be a bit wonky or the liquid glue gets all over so that when you put your shaker pieces inside the project they can adhere to the edges of the foam inside the shaker..... so I gave up.... until.....

Jen @ strawberrycream39 on YouTube showed what she uses for her shaker projects. She uses the foam board from the DollarTree for her shakers. Last trip to DT I picked up a sheet of the white and a sheet of the black foam board to try this out. With DT stocked up with school supplies there were two displays of this foam board - one in the school supply section and the other was in their office supply area by the teacher's supplies at my store. 

Knowing that all die cutting machines are different I knew the first cut may not be the best from my machine but happy to report it cut well and the foam board kept most of it's shape and did not totally flatten. Here is a photo of a piece of the foam board next to the piece I had cut out on my BigShot:

After my first cut piece I decided I would cut out a second piece and I would stack and glue these together for my shaker piece so it would be deeper for the shaker bits:

With the two foam pumpkins cut out I used TomBow liquid glue and stacked those two pumpkins and set them aside to dry. For the backing to my piece I cut a piece of #100 weight black card stock from Mikes for the base piece. Using glittered white card stock I cut out the ghost and added black glittered card stock eyes and mouth pieces to my ghost. I used liquid glue to adhere the ghost onto the black base.

Cut out the printed card stock for the backside of the pumpkin shaker. Glued that to the black base over the ghost piece. Cut a piece of pumpkin card stock for the front of the shaker pumpkin. Used plastic packaging for the clear sheet for the pumpkin shaker. Used liquid glue to put the pumpkin card stock pumpkin frame piece onto the die cut clear packaging pumpkin piece. Set that aside to dry. 

Wanted to use the shaker/confetti holiday dies from KS Craft to make pieces for my shaker. This is a die set of four different designs for shakers:

I cut out the skulls and ghosts using glittered white card stock, the witch hats are black foil card stock, the bats are from solid black card stock. Also used some shaker gems from the stash for my shaker bits. With everything dried I assembled the shaker pumpkin layers -- but first I ran the anti-static brush over the inside of the clear sheet for the shaker to cut down static for the shaker pieces. Used liquid glue to put the shaker pumpkin pieces together:

Here is the full project finished:

I used black glittered card stock for the 'hat' on the ghost that comes in the die set. Here is a photo of the side of the shaker part to show the two stacked foam sheet pieces:

Thanks to Jen for sharing this tip for her shakers as it went together easily and the foam board holds the shape of the die cut pieces well - no wonky shapes! Plus the shaker/confetti dies fit perfectly in the pumpkin shaker piece. Another easy project for BOO Day!

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Bonnie said...

Thanks for the tip. I need to make a trip to DT. Love how you die cut the images for the shakers!