Sunday, August 21, 2022

Pumpkins from KS Craft

In a previous post I showed the new holiday die sets that I ordered from KS Crafts. This post will show the pumpkins cut out and assembled.  Here is a photo of the dies in this die set:

For my pumpkins I used only scraps from my scrap Fall card stock envelope of solids and prints. First I cut all the dies apart and then cut out all the backer pieces for the pumpkins which have the stems on them. Then I picked out both solids and prints for the pumpkin fronts. Once all die cut I laid them out before I assembled them:

Using brown ink for the stem backer pieces I sponged the stems with that ink. Then for all the prints I sponged the edges of all pumpkin front pieces using a light rust ink. Using liquid TomBow glue I put all the pumpkins together. Since I used scraps all the backer pieces are a different brown card stock and for some of the pumpkin fronts I used printed card stocks or solid card stocks:

Here is a photo to show all the stem backer pieces for the pumpkins are one piece and that helps to make the pumpkins more sturdy:

It is easy to see which smaller pumpkins go with which larger pumpkins as each large pumpkin has a smaller pumpkin with it and they both have the same shaped stem. Here is a photo to show some of the printed card stocks used for the pumpkin fronts:

Since the stem backer pieces are one piece and the pumpkin front pieces are also one piece it is very easy to die cut these pumpkins out and assemble them. It is good all the larger pumpkins are different shapes and sizes with smaller pumpkins to match.... the pumpkins can be used for Fall or Thanksgiving projects or for BOO Day (Halloween) as is -- or for Halloween just stamp a Jack O Lantern face on the pumpkin fronts. Even with using card stock scraps that are different weights the dies cut all the pumpkins out easily and with one pass in the BigShot machine. This pumpkin die set will certainly get a lot of use for my upcoming holiday projects!!

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