Sunday, August 14, 2022

IOStamps Order Arrived

 My Impression Obsession ( order arrived and this is what I bought:

They sell stencils now and I bought a three piece stencil set for Christmas. This pattern is a random pattern and not layered so you can put the leaves stencil anywhere you want on the flowers as well as the berries stencil. These stencils are not numbered as layered stencils are but seem to be a good quality. I also bought the scalloped tag die (AnnaWight) and that will be fun to use. The greeting stamp set is too cute for Christmas so I bought that as well:

Loved the judging stamp and the phase.... will be cute for cards and treat holders. Glad they offer stencils now and hoping they have more new products added to their website now that they have discontinued many of their cling stamps from their inventory... Lots to play with for holidays ahead!

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