Saturday, August 20, 2022

Witch Bow Die

Not often but today it happened.... I had ordered the Witch Bow die set from Ericka @ Scrapdiva Designs earlier this week and it arrived in the mail today and right in the craft room for me with this new die set.... Here is a photo of the two die sets I had ordered from her:

The Easter Bunny set on the left and the Witch Bow die set on the right. Knew I would be making the Witch right away --- pulled out the clear envelope I keep all Halloween scraps in for my witches:

Wanted to use the foil black card stock for her shoes so I picked out prints for her stockings that would go with the black shoes... Die cut the shoes, the stockings, and the glittered strips to go on her shoes and used liquid glue and assembled those. With those drying I picked out printed for her layered skirts. Many of the scrap prints I have are single sided card stocks and are not that thick so I decided to cut out the large skirt and the stocking dies using #110 black card stock from Mikes. Using the heavier card stock as the base of the die pieces will make this witch more sturdy. 

With the larger printed skirt pieces glued to the black solid base I then glued the top skirt layer on that. Set those aside and worked on the bows. I die cut the bow pieces. Using a bone folder I ran the pieces over the edge of that so the bow paper would easily fold and not crease when making the bow. I put the three bow layers together using 1/8" tear and tape. Added a crystal from the stash to the center of the bows to dress them up. 

Put the leg pieces behind the skirt piece using tear and tape. Added the bow to the skirt top using the ATG. Here are two of the witches done:

and each Witch Bow:

Fun witch to assemble -- will be cute with tulle added or a satin ribbon bow and maybe adding a spider or ghost to her or the bow. Thanks to Ericka for this cuter than cute die set -- love that her die sets have a larger and a smaller set of dies for these items so you do not have to buy multiple die sets just to get a smaller and larger die. For the two witches today I used the smaller die set so still have to play with the larger one! Another great use for holiday scraps too! Good for tags, bag toppers, card fronts, and other fun BOO Day projects! ALSO:

I wanted to die cut and assemble the larger Witch Bow Die Set from this set to show the difference between the larger and smaller Witches. Here is the larger Witch cut out and assembled:

Here is a photo of the larger Witch with the two smaller Witches I had made:

The height of the smaller Witches is approx 3 1/2" measured on the back from the top of the bow pieces to the bottom of her shoes. The larger Witch is approx 4 1/4" in height measured the same way. These would be cute on a bag topper, as a tag, or as a stand alone on a treat holder front. Easy to assemble and another good use of card stock scraps!


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