Sunday, August 14, 2022

Pass me a napkin, please . . .

Made a run to the DollarTree the other day as I had seen some items featured in YouTube videos that I wanted to pick up.... but of course my store did not carry those items... but they did have the wooden slat pieces and the wooden oval plaque pieces so I picked up two of those:

I also picked up 4 packages of their "Harvest DIY Words" that they had in the Fall items section for my oval plaques. And on my last trip to Hobby Lobby I picked up a package of their Fall napkins on sale that I wanted to use for this project. I also went through my box of Fall items and found another napkin that I could use for a Thanksgiving plaque so I was happy to find these wooden oval pieces. 

Using craft paints from my stash first thing I did was to paint all the word pieces:

I put two coats of paint on those and while those were drying I worked on the wooden ovals with the napkins. 

Here is a photo of one of the napkins showing the 2 ply (backing) I peeled off the printed napkin front:

With the napkin fronts separated from the ply backings I used a cool iron and pressed out the folds in the napkin. Then I used ModPodge and covered the front of the plaque and laid the napkins on them:

Once the ModPodge dried I used scissors and cut off the excess napkin around the ovals. With the trimming of the napkins done I used a small paint brush and painted the edge of the ovals and back of the ovals using a light rust paint. Set these aside to dry. Once they were dried I brushed on another coat of ModPodge over the napkin front to seal that and set that aside to dry. 

With the word pieces dried I used a metallic wax and put that over the letters using my finger to give the letters a shiny finish and a little sparkle:

I laid the words on the finished plaque pieces and I will add a bow and some other decorations to the front of the plaques but for now this is how they look -- once I decorate the front of them I will hot glue the word pieces onto the napkin fronts:

I put the twine hangers that came with the wooden ovals back on them to hang them but once I decorate them I may change that out. The extra words I will use on other projects. The package of words has a set of 6 and they are:

Happy Fall, Give Thanks, Hello Fall, Welcome Autumn, and the other two word sets are Blessed and Farm Fresh and I did not use those for this project so they are not painted yet but soon they will be once I decide how I will use them. Happy I found something at the DollarTree that I could use for Fall crafting projects!

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Bonnie said...

Fantastic Fall decorations!