Sunday, August 14, 2022

BOO Nugget Holders

 Decided to start making some of my treat holders for BOO Day (Halloween). I wanted to use more of my stash 6x6 paper pads for the wrappers so first I cut out my three nugget wrappers - 1 x 3 1/8. For the black tray for the nuggets I cut a piece of #110 weight black card stock from Mikes 4 1/4 x 1 1/2. Scored 1/4 on each long sides for the sides to my tray. 

For my nuggets I wanted to use glittered black card stock to spell out words - I decided on EEK and BOO for my words so I picked out a small alpha set from the stash and cut out my words. With the trays, the wrappers, and words all cut out I put them together for easy assembly:

Because the nugget candies are curved I decided I will put the letters on the nugget wrappers after I wrap the wrappers around the candies - but it is too early to make these so for now I did put one of them together to show you - but DH has already been in the craft room and he ate the nugget candies I had used for my sample... but here are photos before he arrived:

To have the nugget wrapper wrap around the candies easier I run each wrapper over the bone folder to help the card stock curve around the curved candy piece. Then I put the wrappers on the candies. For the glittered letters I also used a bone folder to curve those:

With the wrappers on the candies I put them in the black tray. Then using liquid TomBow glue I put the letters on each wrapped nugget:

 and pressed those on for minute for the glue to stick. Once the letters were on the wrapped candies I put the candies/tray inside a clear bag and tied the top of it closed using black and white twine. Will probably add more to the bag top to dress it up for Halloween but for now just wanted to have a finished sample of this treat holder. Will leave all others unassembled until it is time to wrap the nuggets which will be a week before Halloween. With all my pieces cut and letters die cut it will not take long to assemble them for the holiday. 

I used "Eek" and "Boo" as they only have three letters but any Halloween word would work - Spooky would 6 candies, Witch would use 5, and such. Happy to use more of my 6x6 card stocks and some scraps for my nugget wrappers. Hershey Nuggets are always a favorite and fun to decorate as well!

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Bonnie said...

You sure know how to wrap treats!