Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Online Shopping

 Just received my order of the Pumpkins Border die from Pretty Pink Posh:

I die cut this out of scraps to show all the detail in this die:

This die has all the cut details but it is easy to piece together. I also bought two stencil sets from Pretty Pink Posh:

This stencil set has three layers and it is their Candy Corn stencil set. This next stencil set is the Layered Pumpkins set. Their stencils are a good weight and all their stencils have their logo on them in the lower right corner and if the stencil pattern is a set then each layered stencil has a letter so you would know which stencil to use first and so on for layering. It is also nice to have their logo on the stencil so you know which company you got it from and you will know which side is the front of the stencil and the direction to use it so things line up easily. Although I have not used the Candy Corn stencil set yet I did use the Layered Pumpkins stencil set for a sample. Here is the set of three stencils:

and a photo to show their logo and the letter on the stencil in this set:

For my sample I used a pumpkin ink and I used blender pens to add the ink over the stencil:

Once the stencil was complete I cleaned the ink off of it with a baby wipe and all the ink easily came off the stencil - here is the pumpkin pattern:

This three piece stencil set has a stencil for the pumpkins, one for the leaf/stem at the top of the pumpkins, and a third stencil to put Jack O Lantern faces on the pumpkins for BOO Day (Halloween). But this stencil set is not just for Halloween -- it would be nice on card fronts or tags for Fall as well as Thanksgiving without using the Jack O Lantern face stencil piece. Once I had all the stenciled layers complete I used a fan brush and splattered watered down white acrylic paint over the pumpkin piece:

Also in the mail was a small order from Jaded Blossoms and I had bought their Acorn Stencil set. This is a set of two stencils. The stencils have no markings - no logo and these stencils are not numbered or lettered so I marked my stencil set in the corner so I know which is the front of the stencil and how to place the stencils for easy layering. Here is that stencil set:

I stenciled a sample piece for this stencil set as well and here is that along with the Layered Pumpkins stenciled sample:

The Acorn stencils also cleaned up well using a clean baby wipe to remove the inks I used. Lots of possibilities for these stencils for the holiday projects ahead... When I use both of these stencil sets I will trim my white card stocks to the size I will be using and I will stencil each layer on my trimmed card stock, in an assembly line fashion. Once each layer is stenciled on the card front pieces then I will clean the ink off that stencil and go to the next layer in the stencil set until both designs are finished. Fun patterns for the Fall projects!

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Bonnie said...

Great Boo Day items, Candee! I guess your play days will be cut short with school starting on Monday.