Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bling it on... BOO

Sooner than later we will be working on BOO Day (Halloween) treat holders and tags... decided I may as well get some items cut out and ready for assembly when needed in October.

To begin with wanted to cut out word dies from glittered card stock as well as glittered foam sheets that I picked up at Mikes in the kids crafts section of the store. Problem is some of the words are smaller so they could be flimsy on a project -- both a tag or a treat holder. Wanted to be able to use a stiff backer piece for these but regular card board and even the thinnest chip board were too thick.

Decided the thinner the better but what could I use that I already had on hand??? Simple -- the pull tab lid to a kleenex box:

Used the Cuttlebug to cut out my word die using this lighter weight card board piece -- one pass through the machine and all the words were cut:

After my card board words were cut out I cut out these same dies using the glittered card stock and the glittered foam sheets:

Using TomBow glue and an old craft paint brush I covered the card board word with glue and then put the matching glittered word on that. This photo shows some of the words cut and glued to the card board words:

The above photo has the foam sheet words on the left and the words on the right are glittered card stock words. Once all my words were adhered to the card board words I rinsed off the red lid and my paint brush with warm water to remove the glue before it set. Having these small words on the thinner card board for a backer piece will give my projects dimension when layering them for the holiday.

This photo shows some of the items I have either die cut or used punches for to use for my projects:

Will keep all these pieces together in an empty clam shell box for use for the BOO Day festivities. By making these things up now it will help with the rush around the holiday. TFL and YOLO

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Bonnie said...

Looks like you're all ready to boo!