Sunday, January 14, 2024

Tool Holder

 My order from JDand3Designs from Etsy arrived yesterday and I already have them in use:

First is their ATG Holder - Tape Gun Holder. This is available in many colours but I wanted white to match other storage items on my craft table top. I had my ATG in a basket but it collected dust on the tape being in an open container for storage. This new holder not only keeps my ATG right at hand on the side of the craft table but with the open tape end inside this new holder it will always be ready for use and be dust free. The ATG fits nicely in this holder and it does not wobble or fall over. This next storage item I bought:

This holder is made to hold  your MISTI on your craft table but I already have a container for my MISTI. I bought this holder to hold larger die sets while I am working with them to keep them near by but out of my way when working on the craft table.

These two plastic holders are very well made and they are very sturdy. This seller also shipped my order quickly and they were packed well. Happy to have these two additions to add to the craft table top organization!

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