Sunday, January 28, 2024

Up the Odd, Down the Even Basket

Picked up this basket die set from Gina Marie Designs at the stamp show I attended in Tennessee and am using it for future Easter projects:

This die set makes a woven basket perfect for Easter projects. I liked it because the woven pieces will give the basket some texture and dimension. I die cut the main basket die out of scrap coral card stock:

Using scrap white card stock I die cut the second basket die:

The main basket die cuts lines across the basket piece and the second basket die cuts the top and bottom strip pieces that you use to weave through the lines the basket die cut - I used a light and dark colour card stock to show these three die cut pieces put together to form the woven basket:

I worked up from the bottom of the basket weaving in my white pieces -- went up to the top of the basket with the odd numbers piece and then put the other piece at the top and then weaved that piece to the bottom of the basket. In my sample on the right you can see the woven basket and I have not used any adhesive for this sample piece and the woven pieces still stay in place. This die set will make a sturdy basket using kraft card stock or a coloured card stock or even the basket in one colour and each of the second die cut out of two different colours so your basket would have texture and colours. 

Was concerned when I bought the die set how well the strips on the basket die piece would cut the card stock while getting cut out or if I would have to use scissors or an Exacto knife to cut the strips better. This die cut both the heavier coral card stock and white card stock easily with one pass in the die cutting machine.  I have other Gina Marie Designs die sets and never have had a problem with them cutting my pieces but this die has lots of detail and with using a heavier card stock I was not sure if the die would cut well. Happy me no scissors needed and lots of projects ahead for this basket die set!

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